Health Information Technology

Health Information Technology like electronic medical records (EMRs) have been shown to reduce errors, improve quality, and make care more efficient.  It's time doctors offices and record keepers fully enter the 21st Century by using Health IT in meaningful ways.

Video: National Health IT Coordinator @ Health Caucus

President Obama's choice for National Health IT Coordinator, Dr. David Blumenthal, talks to the Health Caucus about the importance of Health IT and how it is essential to a robust health care system.

Video: Herb Lin of the National Research Council talks Health IT

Herb Lin, Ph.D. of the NRC at the National Academy of Sciences discusses the study he led that takes a look at how Health IT is being used.

Video: Rick Kneipper, founder of PHNS, a Health IT company, discusses the urgent need to strengthen our Health IT.

The need for a more robust approach to Health IT.

Video: Tevi Troy on meaningful use

Former Deputy Secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services, Tevi Troy, discusses the importance of using Health IT in a meaningful way.